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Reflex Modular Fingers

During the summer of 2017, I worked for Righthand Robotics, Inc. on their Modular Finger Kit. My task was to design specialized fingers that would bring new capabilities to future Reflex products. I focused on picking up small objects, ease of use in cluttered or restrictive environments, and open ended design. I created two types of pinch fingers, a pair of curved long fingers and an open ended finger to allow users the ability to design their own distal pads. I was solely responsible for the design and fabrication of the fingers. Fingers are molded in urethane and were designed in SOLIDWORKS. Molds were printed on a Form2 SLA printer. All information and images are shared with the permission of Righthand Robotics, Inc.

Pinch and Nail

The pinch finger and the nail finger share the same pad geometry. 

The nail finger has an impeded aluminium nail that helps it pick up smaller objects. The nail is removable and simple to make, allowing researchers to design extensions that best fit their needs. 

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